Do you know that you can actually make your own simple, delicious, healthy baby food?

What does your child eat

The soup image shown in this post was actually made for a toddler who had it with mashed yam. It was just made from fish and vegetable and then pureed so that the toddler can easily swallow without choking on any chunks. It is so pathetic these days that because of so-called busy work schedules of parents we prefer to buy someone’s mass production bottled ready meal probably made even before your child was born. We always say they are always available, fast to feed and time-saving. Oh spare me the gist! Have you ever tasted ready-made baby foods? They smell funny, taste horrible and look like (description withheld). We force our kids to eat them against their wish. Of course some of them will eat them easily because those are the only foods they know. We should start changing attitudes and put in efforts on what our kids eat and stop making lazy excuses. Know what goes into their food by making them yourself. They need to eat foods made fresh.
There are so many ingredients to use for so many types of baby foods. The age and developmental stage of your child determines whether to puree the food. You don’t always have to prepare a separate meal. You can give them what the whole family is having in a pureed form. How difficult is that? I like hot and spicy meals but when I cook I leave the chillies whole and crush it into mine only and the kids also enjoy theirs. Let your kids eat what they love and love what they eat. Kids are supposed to be our most important asserts and really our investments. Lets feed them properly so they can live longer and cleverer.