In case you forgot kaklo exists, here is a teaser photo of what am enjoying at the moment. When last did you enjoy this?


Just go get some nuts, very ripe and soft plantains, hot chillies, ginger, cloves and salt. There are many more ingredients depending on the one making it but these are the most important. Do you know it can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and even desserts? If you asked me I will show you the method of preparation, but for now I want to devour mine as hot hot as it is. Ahhh but you do not want to eat yours when it is very temperature hot as spicy hotness and temperature hot do not go together.
When cooking this, the very ripen plantain is mashed and before carefully spices of your choice are added to the mixture. Flour too is then added. The amount of flour that is added depends on the texture of the mixture in terms of how liquidry it is. The amount of flour added also depend on how hard or soft you want the fried product to be. After it is fried to brownish and dark colour, they can be taken out of the fryer.
When taken with some nice roasted peanuts or groundnuts, care must be taken not to bite the tongue!
Hmmmm, yummyyyy!