Perfection what perfection

…… to hell with perfection!!! African food has been enjoyed for many years by our ancestors and we in the present. People make use of any ingredients available whether from the market, gardens or farms. The availability of whatever they have determines the taste, aroma and richness of the food they prepare. e.g., when lunch is made on the farm you can imagine how organic, fresh and rich the food will be. The same food will taste different when made another day at home or even on the same farm. Also people living by the seaside will definitely cook with lots of seafood than those living further inland.

African food cooking is not rocket science! You don’t necessarily need scary measurements, accurate weights, techniques or special procedures to cook many of the dishes. At any time, something special can be made from just about anything edible.

Peoples moods also determines what they want to eat. E.g. some pregnant women who have ptyalism or pica like to eat something hot and spicy.

People living abroad can also still enjoy their favourite African foods, however the packaging and preservation methods of some of them may change their colour, taste, quality and even the cost. Eg, fresh leafy vegetables, fufu and palm fruits.

Traditions, customs and beliefs also determine what people cook and each family’s recipe is made to suit them. There is nothing like bad cooking or bad recipe so far as it is well cooked

[no blood running] and edible.

Spicyfafa believes that when it comes to African foods everyone is a professional and can prepare simple palatable and affordable meals. A great thinker once said: “If there is only one way of doing something, …then that might probably be the wrong way”. What is your kind of African food?